Ashokkumar chinnasamy

Error while downloading the code to XET256 mounted on daughter card

Discussion created by Ashokkumar chinnasamy on Dec 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2009 by CrasyCat
I have an XEP100 eval board on which i have mounted the daughter card (LFSMPB12XEIM). I have connected the debugger to the BDM connector on the daughter card. However, I am using the crystal that is mounted on the XEP100 eval board which is 4 Mhz.

Now, when i create a sample project using Code warrior 4.7 for the target XET256, and try to download the code (there is nothing really in the sample project, it is just the empty main function that appears default when you create the project) the error message "Error while writing to FFF8....101F8" appears on the screen. When i proceed further it says "Failed to load the P&E_Multilink_Cyclonepro.abs" file.

I have attached the command window details, if it sounds helpful.

I am looking forward to any help.