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Yocto Application Development Using Eclipse IDE

Question asked by Erik Raynolds on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2018 by Erik Raynolds

I am using Eclipse IDE with ADT to develop the applications under Yocto SDK.

I have working "Hello World" project out of "Yocto Project SDK Autotools Project" templates and it runs with no problem.


But when I created "Hello World" using "Yocto Project SDK Cmake Project" templates 


the project is not build

Build of project failed with the following error:
CMake Error: Could not find CMAKE_ROOT !!!
CMake has most likely not been installed correctly.
Modules directory not found in
CMake Error: Error executing cmake::LoadCache(). Aborting.



Under Yocto SDK installed in


there is cmake-3.6 which instead config points to cmake-3.5 ...



I have cmake included in my Yocto SDK build, what is the correct configuration of ADT Eclipse plugin?