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Get List of all devices attached to the Jn5169 cordinator

Question asked by dostshah on Dec 6, 2018

In my application, I am using Jn5169 as a coordinator and there is a requirement to get a list of all attached devices and for each device get the Network Address as well as its Extended address. I am using JN-AN-1216 at the coordinator. I did try the  PKN16ZigbeeSerialPort10MgmtLqiReqE but its output is usually like the one below


SERIAL <<< Type: 0x804e (Mgmt LQI Response)
  SQN: 0xbc
  Status: 0x00
  Nb Table Entries: 03
  Start Index: 00
  Nb Table List Count: 02
  Neighbor :
    Extended Pan ID: 0xac36e9739b45ba4f
    Extended Address: 0x00158d0002756483
    Nwk Address: 0x21c2
    LQI: 45
    Depth: 01


As seen above it shows that there are 3 table entries but shows up just 2 devices in the list. I am in search of a solution where I can get Nwk Address and Extended Address of all devices that are added to the coordinator including the ones that are sleeping end devices. If this not achievable I at least need to get a way where I can ask the coordinator what is the nwk address of a device with a specific extended address.