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MRF6V2150NR1 Simulation/Building Testboard for 450 Mhz

Question asked by Horst Schlemmer on Dec 5, 2018



I have another issue with the MRF6V2150NR1. After sucuffly building a test board for 220 MHz  we need to find a way to build a Testboard for the 450MHz condition. Unfortunatelly the datasheet is not providing information about the microstrips . We different variation by refering to the 220MHz version but wen cannot get close to S21 peak at 450 MHz.

If i can meet the expactations for 450 Mhz i need to go down to 390 Mhz but i think that the easiest part.


Can you please provide the Z or the With and Length of the microstrips? 


Thank you in advance.