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K64 SPI Read problem

Question asked by Aleksey Starovoytov on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Aleksey Starovoytov


I am having a problem using K64 device and doing SPI read.
All of the examples that I found on SPI saying to send 0xFF to SOUT line as a dummy write to get a read back.
So, what it does, it keeps SOUT line high and reads all of the toggling in the SIN line.
And this all works great, but the problem is, that my device that I am trying to talk require SOUT line to be LOW for it to
for it to respond correctly.

However, when I send 0x00 as a dummy write, and I can see my logic analyzer shows me correct response from the device, I cannot get correct readback from POPR register. Most of the time it is giving me bunch of zeros. 

I there anybody who experienced same problem, and the way of resolving it?