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How to configure multiple chip selects in LPSPI module of S32K144?

Question asked by Pritam Patil on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Pritam Patil

Here i am able to transmit data via LPSPI1 if i have one chip select. But, the problem arises when i try to configure multiple chip select pins one after the other.


I have attached sample code where i have configured multiple chip selects in LPSPI1

Module: LPSPI1

PCS pins: PTA6, PTD3, PTB17

SCLK pin: PTB14

MOSI pin: PTB16

MISO pin: PTB15


I have tried the following methods.


1. Change the PCS selection SFR in LPSPI initialisation function,

i.e. LPSPI1->TCR   = 0x5100000F;


2. Configure PCS pins as GPIO and pull one pin LOW at a time and others HIGH.


please refer attached code and do the needful changes in it to make multiple slaves work.