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Freemaster 2.0 problems with ELF binary parser

Discussion created by Marco Aversa on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by Michal Hanak

We found that from version 2.0 of Freemaster all ELF files are not correctly interpreted (MPA files options -> Binary ELF with DWARF2/DWARF4 dbg format) used with different NXP MCU.


Whenever an array of variables or an array of structures is present in the ELF file only the first record is interpreted
  (AAA [0]) while others are missing (AAA [1], AAA [2], ...).


Freemaster ELF parser problem


Also from version 1.4 of Freemaster the arrays of simple variables (es. int BBB[10])  if generated have the size of the single variables set to 0 in the "size" field.

In the Freemaster version 1.3 the single variables of the array of simple variables (es. int BBB[10])  had the right size set to 2!


Freemaster size problem


Thanks for the support