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K82: ConfigTools and Gpio pin C3/B8

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Eugene Hiihtaja

Hello !


I'm using embedded config tool in MCUExpresso and try to create Z-state init for PORTC3 pin.

It is possible to PORTC4 by selection  "n/a, disabled" state in table , but for PortC3 this state is not available and only LLWU there.



/* PORTC3 (pin B8) is configured as LLWU_P7 */
PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, 3U, kPORT_MuxAsGpio); // ?


/* PORTC4 (pin A8) is disabled */
PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, 4U, kPORT_PinDisabledOrAnalog);  // OK 



Can I do this manually or this pin state is really not available and have sense to create normal input pin with No init in all cells.

I have tried like this but still configurator put kPORT_MuxAsGpio parameter.


What I should do ?