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Question asked by Massimiliano Cialdi on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Massimiliano Cialdi

We have a custom board project equipped with two i.MX RT1051.
We would like to use the JTAG connection, instead of the SWD, in order to link the two MCUs, as shown here

Daisy-chained JTAG

so we can only use one program/debug connector.


The preliminary step for us is to make the JTAG connection work on EVKB (taking care to pull up the JTAG_MOD signal). However, the connection is not established.


We have already read the post and (I added a comment there, too.


We wonder where we're wrong. And we wonder if the RT105x supports JTAG for programming and debugging or just boundary scan.


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