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Error, handling, UART, QG8, Take actions on incoming string in assembly language

Discussion created by ikauf ikauf on Dec 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2009 by Alex O'Donnell
Hello Guys!
I wrote some code in assembly language to control a Siemens TC45 GSM Engine over AT commands. Thats working and I have no problems with it. Next what I want to do is take actions on the incoming OK and ERROR string for error handling. My thougt was to store all incoming digits to Ram and calculate these in a addition to get a specific value wich is allready stored in a predefined ram at the beginning of the processor init. If this value match to the calculated incoming then the programm goes further. I can do this if its only one digit. But I want to take action on these ERROR and OK string. In future I must to some actions on a specific word in a SMS.
How would do it for yours? Who has some experience in such a handling? How can I extract a special word from a complet string?
all inspiration is welcome,
nice evening from AUSTRIA
Ingo- Michael