Tim Ahrens

RAM1 usage on RS08LE4

Discussion created by Tim Ahrens on Dec 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2009 by Processor Expert
Hi Folks,
Have a similar question up on the CW forum, but figured perhaps there are
some that have encountered this problem & don't read that forum.
Got a fixup error when compiling my LE4 code (CW6.2).  Found that I had
overflowed the amount of memory in the RAM array. (the LE4 has both RAM
@ $50-BF & RAM1 @ $100-17F). 
How do I get CW to use that array?  It would need to do a PAGSEL to get to
it, but CW does that all the time with various registers that aren't in the bottom
page of memory.
The .PRM file has:
RAM   = READ_WRITE  0x0050  TO 0x00BF;
RAM1  = READ_WRITE  0x01200 TO 0x017F
In the .MAP file, as long as I keep below the top of RAM, there's no problem
(OBJECT LIST SORTED BY ADDRESS).  As soon as I add a variable that
puts it over, then I get the Fixup error and see the address as $100 in the map file.
Just wondering if anybody else has seen this.