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unable to run project build with eclipse

Question asked by Robin Ewers on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Bettina Wyss


I try to run the hello_world example, witch I build with eclipse, on the cortex M4 core on the i.MX7 Dual, but it doesn´t work.

First I build the project using the armgcc toolchain and the .bat-script included in BSP. I loaded the .bin-file on the M4 core successfully and it works fine.

Afterwards I imported the project to Eclipse and followed some instructions, which I found here, to set all properties correctly. I was able to build the project. But when I try to load it into the TCM of the cortex M4 and boot the core nothing happens.

Then I changed the linker script at properties-> C/C++ Build -> settings -> GNU ARM Cross C Linker -> General to MCIMX7D_M4_ocram.ld and tried to boot the same application from the OCRAM instead of the TCM, witch surprisingly works as it should.


So what am I doing wrong, when using the MCIMX7D_M4_tcm.ld linker script?

Thanks for your help.