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PCIe Mini linkup fail issue

Question asked by zhao cuiqin on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by igorpadykov

Dear NXP,

Under linux  Linux version 3.0.35_B01_V1.0, a imx6q-like board is connected to a PCIE-mini interface wlan RTL8192EE. Checked the differential clock is about 100MHz, the power and reset is supplied. Pcie has been configurated like that:

[    6.457696] iMX6 PCIe PCIe RC mode imx_pcie_pltfm_probe entering.
[    6.464063] _clk_pcie_enable!!
[    6.467207] PCIE: imx_pcie_pltfm_probe card_reset.
[    6.578918] PCIE: imx_pcie_pltfm_probe start link up.
[    6.584062] PCIE: imx_pcie_pltfm_probe add_pcie_port.
[    7.195101] link up failed, DB_R0:0x00ea5800, DB_R1:0x08200000!
[    7.201138] IMX PCIe port: link down with power supply 1!

I tested the PCIE_TXP/PCIE_TXN pin signal waveform, as the attached file pcie.jpg. The amplitude peak is 400mV.

Is this waveform correct ?Could you give us some advise about this issue?


Best Regards!