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Bootloader for K20?

Question asked by Al Testani on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Mark Butcher

We need a bootloader and associated Linux serial loader application (or C/C++ code we can adapt) for the MK20DX MCUs.  Specifically, we need to do field updates of firmware from a Raspberry Pi in the product to the embedded MCU using a UART connection between the RPi and K20 MCU.  We would prefer to use Intel HEX format but would use S-records if we must. .


I have looked into NXP MCUBOOT (aka KBOOT) but the K20 doesn't seem to be supported.  I have also searched widely for any bootloader for the K20 and the closest I can come up with is uTasker but would much rather use NXP supported code for this.  The Kinetis MCU we are using is an MK20DX128VLH7.


Can anyone point me to a bootloader solution for the K20?



Al Testani