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OM13092/J14 expansion header's SPI interface

Question asked by bob belmont on Dec 3, 2018

I am confused about the documentation. It reads:

This does not mention JS34 or JS35 for FC3's MISO/MOSI However the schematic has this for J14:

and this for the MCU:

And this:


So by default the MCU FC3's MISO/MOSI pins are routed to the SDRAM correct? This means that I can not use J14 extension header FC3. But the documentation (table 14 just above) does not mention to modify JS34 and JS35. Further more the table "JS33, JS34,JS35,JS36"  reads to shunt JS34/JS35 in position 2-3 (default) when using 3.3V.

So does this means that the expansion port J14 can not be used? 

Please advise