Rich Testardi

How to determine CW compiler/linker command-line options?

Discussion created by Rich Testardi on Dec 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2009 by CrasyCat
I'm transitioning from a CW GUI build process to a command-line build process, and would like to know what command-line options the CW GUI is currently invoking the compiler (mwccmcf.exe), linker (mwldmcf.exe), and assembler (mwasmmcf.exe) with.
Basically, I've set all the options how I want them in the CW GUI and would like to be able to make the command-line build process create identical bits.
Is there a way to see the command-lines the CW GUI is invoking when it does its builds?  I.e., how the CW GUI selections translate into command-line options...
I'm running CW7.1 on MCF52221 and MCF52233.
-- Rich