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Kinetis K28 FRDM-K28F FlexIO LCD

Question asked by Nick Guzzardo on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Fang Li

We are planning a new platform for future products.  The Kinetis K22 with M4 core has worked well for us so far, but we need a few more peripherals with high-speed USB being a main requirement.  Though we may need graphical LCDs at some point, most of our products will not, so the K7x would not make sense.  I narrowed the Kinetis family list down to the K28 as FlexIO is an option for a future LCD or really just about any peripheral that we aren't currently planning for, which I believe is the purpose of FlexIO!


For a technology demo, I'm planning to purchase the FRDM-K28F board and connect a touch LCD which I read somewhere is possible.


1)  Is there a recommended touch-LCD that will work with the FRDM-K28F (please provide a link)?


2)  Is there example/demo code for making the LCD work with the FRDM-K28F using FlexIO?