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T4240RDB bricked, won't boot sdcard

Question asked by Matt M on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

I have a T4240RDB. I flashed a new fman_ucode to what I believed to be the correct address in memory (I'm assuming it wasn't...) and reset. The board immediately hung. Bank4 u-boot does not appear to work. Some banks I see the ethernet leds light, others not, but never get u-boot on console.


I then spent time trying to build a working SDCARD image (Layerscape 1809, QoriQ SDK 2.0), but the board refuses to use the RCW/u-boot off of the SD card despite trying various things like adding T4240RDB_SDCARD to the layer config, manually dd'ing ucodes and u-boots onto the SD card, etc. 


1. Is it possible to obtain a known-good SD card image that will boot T4240RDB. It is not in the images ISO for the SDK.

2. I did run saveenv earlier, is it possible I can reset the u-boot config?

3. Is SPI or I2C based ISP programming of the NOR flash possible without JTAG?

4. For flashing the NOR, is codewarrior actually required, or would urJTAG work (codewarrior seems cranky to run under modern linux/jdk)