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Zipwire driver for MPC5744P or MPC5746R

Question asked by deric yeh on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by David Tosenovjan

Hello support center,


We are a team supporting NXP automotive MCU in disti of NXP Taiwan. We have a customer in China using MPC5746R and S32V to design a ADAS solution, project is in development stage now. In their platform Zipwire is deployed for communication between S32V vision processor MPC5746R MCU. They have been in trouble with Zipwire communication for quite a long while and expect to get support. To support this customer, we plan to verify Zipwiire function using 1. MPC5744P EVB(257-ball MPABGA, EVB) or 2.MPC5746R adaptor board. Since we don't have experience with Zipwire driver programming before. We hope to get MPC5744P or MPC5746R Zipwire driver from you support center to save software efforts and facilitate verification job. Our software development tool is S32DS

Your prompt help for this is greatly appreciated.