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[Q] CodeWarrior Prof. license but 'C   is not supported by the current set of licenses...' error

Question asked by Mac Kim on Nov 28, 2018


I have CodeWarrior professional licenses and installed CodeWarrior for MCU.

As guided at NXP webpage, I generated license.dat file and copied.


But, during C++ project build,

'C++ is not supported by the current set of licenses and is disabled.' error occurs.

I made and test with new 'Bareboard Project', but it shows same error.


How do I solve this problem? Or what do I need to check?


Best Regards,





I attached 'License Details' for reference.

(I modified username and FLEXID, SNL)


Detail information for product "CodeWarrior for MCU" version "11.0.0.FSL_b11001"
status: "Activated"
License model: "class com.freescale.core.ide.license.flexlm.FlexlmActivate11"
Contact Email:
Register URL:
Purchase URL:
FlexLM Eval Period: 15 day(s)
GTL Server:
GTL Port: 80 (8,080)
Wants Host ID: true
License file path: C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.0\MCU\license.dat
flexlmFileLocator: null
flexlmFile: ${MCU_TOOLS_HOME}/license.dat
License file URL: file:/C:/Freescale/CW MCU v11.0/eclipse/../MCU/license.dat
Error String:
Mandatory feature keys:
 ProfessionalEditionMCU 11.0, status : LASTS_PERMANENT
Alternate Keys:
(no keys)
License file Content (C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.0\MCU\license.dat):
 #CodeWarrior Development Suite - Professional Edition, Perpetual Model,
#Node-locked License - CodeWarrior for MCU Professional Edition (Windows -
#Eclipse) for AAA Software Account
INCREMENT ProfessionalEditionMCU metrowks 11.0 permanent uncounted \
 01A14172497C VENDOR_STRING="CodeWarrior for MCU Professional \
 Edition (Windows - Eclipse)" HOSTID=FLEXID=A-AAAAAAAA \
 ISSUER="Freescale Semiconductor" ISSUED=22-nov-2018 ck=99 \
 SN="FSL - 12345678" TS_OK