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Custom LS1046A SGMII issue

Question asked by Robert Thorhuus on Nov 28, 2018
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We have a custom LS1046A design where we use SERDES config 0x3333 and 0x5A59. This means we get two 1G SGMII MACs at DTSEC9 and DTSEC10. On both of these interfaces we have another SOC with a SGMII. There is no PHY between.

What would be the minimal changes to the U-Boot (or Linux/DTB) LSDK 18.09 code (using LS1046ARDB as ref) to get this up and running?

The basic test has been ping  but there is no change in any statistical counter on either side. It is hard to technically measure on the SGMII to understand who does wrong, but the other side is an old design so we guess it to be correct as of know. We assume we are missing some change in U-Boot code.


As far as I can understand if you do not have an external phy you do not need to init any phy. The internal phy does not seem to have any code?

Since you do not do any




for interfaces without external PHY the "init_phy" function will stop early since there is no "fm_eth->bus" value (zero).

I assume that is how it is supposed to be but I'm panicing since I cant see anything to change? Any tips/hints?