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Hex file generation

Question asked by Steve Hubbard on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by Con Verse

I am fairly new to embedded programming so I apologise if this is trivial.

I have a project with existing C code for custom hardware using LPC4078. Up to now it has been compiled using a make.bat file and a Makefile from the command line but I don't know where these files originated. I am trying to migrate to MCUXpresso so I imported the source files into a project imaginatively named 'foo'. Most settings were left as default. I get a file called libfoo.axf generated but was expecting foo.axf. I followed 18.13 of the user guide to generate a hex file for programming using a post build step but this appears to be looking for foo.axf. Are the compiler and linker generating the outputs they should? Any guidance would be appreciated.