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Can't connect to SWD device after using BOARD_BootClockFROHF48M()

Question asked by Daniel Wetzel on Nov 28, 2018
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I am using the OM13089 development board which includes the LPC54414.

After using the function BOARD_BootClockFROHF48M() to change the frequency the debug process crashed and since that point I am not able to connect to the SWD device anymore.

The reason to why this occured is probably because I didn't use the function CLOCK_AttachClk(BOARD_DEBUG_UART_CLK_ATTACH) before to enable the debug console to run with 12MHz.

But since the board won't allow the Link2 to connect to the SWD device anymore I don't know how to change the frequency back.

Is there any way to hard reset the board without using the Link2 connection?


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