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When the sleepy device be joined through Router

Question asked by lee wonsoo on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by haorong huang

* Test environment :
- JN5169
- SDK : JN-SW-4168
- device : Coordinator, Router, Sleepy device
- JN-AN-1189 & JN-AN-1184


When The sleepy device be joined through the router, the following message was outputted in coordinator.

ERROR: Extended status 0x87

ERROR: Extended status 0x87

APP: vCheckStackEvent: ZPS_EVENT_AF_DATA_INDICATION   <- this is zcl basic report message of sleepy device.

In zps_nwk_pub.h, ZPS_teExtendedStatus 0x87 is the following.

// 0x87 There are no free entries in the extended address table.  The extended address table is configured in the config editor


What is that problem?


Additionally I want to know following.
At this time, there is no information about join in the coordinator.
I wants to the coordinator knows the information that the sleepy device be joined through the router.


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