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EQUates definitions doesn't became global

Discussion created by Alberto Tognacca on Dec 19, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2008 by Alberto Tognacca
This is my first experience with CodeWarrior. I am a Pemicro IDE user. I developed a target application with 56F8014VFAE. I am programming only in Assembler. At this moment I configured all the project including the LCF and I write several *.asm initialization files. I successfully run a little program to verify hardware communication (USB TAP) and target behavior.
When I begun to write the application programms I define some constants using the EQU directive in one *.asm file outside any section definition. These constants are working fine inside this file and even inside each defined section in this file, but don't work in other *.asm files that use the same constant. I think I do as indicated in the "DSP56800x Embedded Systems Assembler Manual" observing the linking order but doesn't work. The OPT CONST doesn't work or I don't know the appropiate use. I resolve the problem using mulptiple definitions in each file but it seems messy to me. I will appreciate any advise. Thanks.