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How to synchronise two Kinetis SAI modules?

Question asked by chris_f on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by chris_f

I'm trying to configure a KS22 to operate with two stereo ADCs and two stereo DACs with everything synchronised.

A single set of MCK, BCK and SYNC generated by I2S0_TX is used for both ADCs and both DACs.


I2S0 is working correctly:

I2S0_TCR2[SYNC]=0b00 // Asynchronous

I2S0_TCR2[MSEL]=0b01 // OSC -> MCK


I2S0_RCR2[SYNC]=0b01 // Synchronous

I2S0_RCR2[MSEL]=0b01 // OSC -> MCK 


I've read that I can use the I2S0 MCK for I2S1:




but the RM isn't clear how to sychronise the two modules?


How do I set both I2S1_TX and I2S1_RX to be sychronous with I2S0_TX?