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write/read to floating point variable through IIC - MC9S08GB60

Discussion created by Santhosh Gowda on Dec 19, 2008
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   We are using MC9S08GB60 Controller.I that i'm using IIC module for communication.Our's is POWER Domain  project.In that we are using floating point variable for storing value of voltages like syst_vtg=58.90.
How can i change the data in syst_vtg of the power plant (which use the MC9S08GB60 controller ) from the remote side (which also using another MC9S08GB60 controller) through IIC. Can u suggest me how to write data to floating point variable and also how to read the data from floating point variable through IIC. And also i want to know the exact format in which HCS08 family IIC module works,because they gave IIC format like below,but they didn't mentioned the address of memory where we have to write.
start   slaveaddress r/w  data   stop     
But  in  other memory and all they clearly mentioned where to write (address register)as shown in below.
start   slaveaddress r/w    address register     data     stop;
Suggest me on this issue and attach example code if u have other than the code which is given in freescale data sheets.
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