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MPC5746R SIUL2 register address

Question asked by 罗 文 on Nov 27, 2018
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According to the safety manual, the CRC module are used for the register configuration check, for example the SIUL2 module.

SIUL2 module have a few hundreds MSCR register, but there are a lot of reserved gaps in the SIUL2 memory map.SIUL2 memory map

As the pic shows, MSCR 65 to 79 are not included in the memory map. I tried to read some address between this range not covered by the memory map, the result is 0.

So here is my question, if I want to check the whole configuration about the SIUL2, can I read the address range cover MSCR0 to 255  and MSCR512 to 998, ignore the gaps in the memory map, or do I need to read the address ranges strictly by the memory gap? The former way is way easier that the latter, so I need a answer to guide my execution.

Thanks for your answer.