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QN908x touch drivers?

Question asked by Jose Raffucci on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Jose Raffucci

I am trying to enable the capsense hardware using the touch software as described in AN12190.


I have finally tracked down the touch software that I *think* is compatible with this MCU.  The link provided in the references section of the pdf points to the SDK builder for a different processor -- MKE15Z256xxx7.  In the SDK there is indeed touch code in the middleware section and there appears to be a demo app.


When I try to bring it into my QN project (in IAR), I find that the CS module is missing.



The good news is that there is a reference to the QN part in the header.  The bad is that there is nothing that matches module_cs in the at SDK.


Can someone point me to the necessary code?