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AC-3 decoder: restricted codecs package

Question asked by Mitch Miers on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by Joan Xie

We are trying to find out how to get a copy of the AC-3 decoder for the i.MX53.  While there is a free AC-3 decoder in gstreamer-plugins-bad, it consumes too much CPU to be a viable solution.


We believe we need these files:


from the restricted codecs package.


By looking through various documentation, we have been able to find that there was an external site to fetch the decoder library from.  The documentation suggests that you talk to your FAE to get a copy.


Unfortunately, our FAE apparently left 3+ years ago.  We have been unable to discover how to get a new one in order to get a copy of this library, or who else we can talk to.  The most competent suggestion we got from support was to download the codecs package from the NXP web site, but we already have that package and know that it does not contain the AC-3 decode library.


We are already in contact with Dolby, who has given us an email address at, but that person isn't answering email.


If anyone has a suggestion how to proceed, we'd love to hear it.