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FLASH programming of MC9S08AC128 controller

Discussion created by Harsha Sidramappa on Dec 19, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2008 by kef
I have Gone through the Manual of MC9S08AC128 series controller.
I have seen the Flash programinng topic.
They have given the tre steps to flash the code of extended memory.

1. Write to a valid address in the Flash array memory. Whats this Flash array memory, Is it register ? if so which is the registr where i have write the address ?

2. Write a valid command to the FCMD register. Ok

3. Clear the FCBEF flag in the FSTAT register by writing a 1 to FCBEF to launch the command. OK


Please ca any body clarify my Highlighhted Red colour doubts\..


Harsha S