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SDK manual selection (2^part)

Question asked by Claudio Brunelli on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Good morning.

I have just look about sdk manual selection with KDS ide.

As Kerry Zhou  wrote me  I saw  at to create a custom sdk.

For FRDMK25 everything was ok. And I saw (for my interest) how the flash, used as eeprom, works. 

But I have to use the FRDMK27 and I'd like to start as I tried with FRDMK25 but the only project that I can extract from builded sdk  is "middleware\multicore\erpc". And no other one.

But giving a look in the unzipped file downloaded from sdk builder site, I can see the files in my interest.

(pflash.c ecc. ecc.)

I tried to re-create the project inserting one by one the requiested file. But it doesn't work and is impossible to compile.

For my app it's very good for me to start with this example but, as I wrote,  I can not extract totally from the builded sdk.

And so I cann't start with the flash example.


I hope I explained myself correctly...

Thanks in advance.