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TV Tuner Driver Integration

Question asked by chinna samy on Nov 26, 2018

Hi All,


On TV Tuner TDA18275:

we have designed a custom board based on i.mx6dl processor. we have interfaced a TV mudulator - RTL2832 and TV Tuner - TDA18275. 

We configured the kernel by enabling, DeviceDrivers --> MultiMedia Support -->

                                                                        [ * ]Digital TV Support.

This automatically includes, [ * ] DVB Network Support, 

                                             [ 8 ] Maximum Number of DVB/ATSC adapters

                                             [ * ] Dynamic DVB Minor allocation

This includes the Digital TV Tuner support into Kernel. 


We are not finding the suitable driver. So will tda18271-fe.c driver works/suitable for TDA18275 TV Tuner?




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