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LS1046ARDB - How to use CMIS-DAP interface for debug ?

Question asked by Pierre LE PIFRE on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Pierre LE PIFRE


In LS1046ARDB reference manual it is stated that CMIS DAP interface can be used for debugging or flashing applications.

"CMSIS-DAP features a mass storage device (MSD) boot loader, which provides a quick and easy mechanism for loading different CMSIS-DAP applications, such as flash programmers, run control debug interfaces, serial-to-USB converters, and so on."


Figure 2-15 shows that K22 MCU is used to acces JTAG signals, so that it is possible to debug or flash.


How can we use this feature ? Where can we get binairies for K22 MCU ?