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Sudden  Flash Erase and data corruption in case of MC13213 device

Discussion created by Ashok Wakode on Dec 19, 2008
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I am trying to find out the possible reasons of  flash erase as well as data corruption on MC13213 chips.

1)First Situation:GenericApp modified program was downloaded into this device.It was working as Zigbeee end device.It was running on site continously for approximately  one month but when it was resetted .It stopped working .but remaining devices were working normal  .What will be the reason of stopping the device?.In this case  we found the data corruption..

2)Second situation:Another device on site was working as ZigBee router.It was also working continously on site for one month.But When it just switched of and then on .,It  stopped working .

Regarding this device We found the flash was erased..

Please help me to find out the reasons for the data corruption and flash erase.