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Programing Problem for K22DN512VLH5 using PE Micro , MCUXpresso

Question asked by Analogics Tech India Limited on Nov 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Analogics Tech India Limited

we have tested various peripherals using the Freedom Development Board FRDM-K22F .

Now we are using NXP K22DN512VLH5 micro controller for our project and we wanted to load the sample program  into K22 which is existed in our custom board . 

We are unable to program  by using PE micro Rev B and Rev D  .

I have followed the instructions provided in PE Micro's blog  : PEMicro Blog  but still unable to program it .

In the Debugger config , under Select device we are unable to find "K22DN512VLH5" the close match we could find is "K22DN512M5" .

Selected "GDB PEMicro Interface Hardware Debugging (DSF) Launcher" as preferred launcher.

All the power supply lines in our custom board are properly working , 3.3V is provided to the controller and the JTAG lines from controller are also properly connected to the PE Micro .


Please check the steps and Error message we are getting :PE Micro Detection

Is there something i am missing in between the config selection because of which i am unable to program it ?

Any helping related to this will be great .


Thanks and Regards .