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Kinetis MK66, DMA to read GPIO

Question asked by Luis Hernandez Salvador on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by Luis Hernandez Salvador


I try to use DMA to read several GPIO pins, but in the SDK there is no example of source code. I found the AN4627SW source code in Google (attached), but if I copy it to my current MK66 project, there are many errors when compiling. Most errors are "undeclared", it seems that it is not for Kinetis MK66 and I do not know how to port it.


In the MK66 SDK there are two examples of source code, memory to memory, I'm not sure if I could use them simply by modifying the source address so that it points to the GPIO port address instead of to an address of the RAM (data array) ).

Can someone help me, with some source code for Kinetis MK66, using DMA to read 8 pins of the GPIO port, activated by several external signals? Basically I have an 8-bit data bus, which I need to capture and process, activated by various data from a control bus.