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iMX6q devicetree changes for SSI1 in i2s master, network mode clock setting

Question asked by Satya S on Nov 23, 2018
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I need to interface multiple slave audio codecs(adau1977) in I2S TDM to iMX6 processor SOM; via SSI1 and AUDMUX

as represented below: 

SSI1<-> AUDMUX Port1 <-> AUDMUX Port2 <---> codec slaves


SSI1 is configured in i2s master mode.

It needs to generated continuous 48KHz frame sync and corresponding BCLK;


I have the necessary machine and chipset drivers and codec is successfully mounted as ALSA sound device. AUDMUX portmapping is also through.

kindly advice me on device tree changes for enabling SSI1 in I2S master mode and for generating required clock signals.