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How to enable the USB ISO transfer on KL26 MCU?

Question asked by Max pi on Nov 24, 2018

I have crated a project of USB audio, and confued by a question.

The question is that the USB device can't receive the ISO data, while the control transfer works well.

Further debug, it is found that the deivce doesn't generate the interrupt(within the funtion 'USB_DeviceKhciInterruptTokenDone()') while the host send out the ISO data.


Would you show me the key design point about how to perform the ISO function? Such as:

1. check whether the usb config descriptor is correctly;

2. check whether the USB interrupt is enabled;

3. check whether the endpoint TX and RX interrupt enabled;

4. check whether the endpoint BDT is set correctly;


My project code is written based on the demo "FRDM-KL26Z_KEIL\usb_device_composite_hid_audio_lite".