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K66 Bootloader and application NOT start

Discussion created by Marco Pazzi on Nov 22, 2018
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I developed on K66 an application using FreeRTOS, and flashed to MK66FX1M018 work fine (debug and release version).

Now I have downloaded KDS bootloader 2_0_0 and flashed to K66 at start address 0xA000 (I use only USB for download app), I connect through USB using KinetisFlashTool for download application and all seems to be fine. But when the app start initialize the display correctly but the task (USB, MODBUS and other) doesn't start.

Where could be the problem ???

MCUXpresso used for application - MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 [Build 411] [2017-07-11] 

Kinetis Design Studio for bootloader 


Thanks a lot for help me