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how can I build qtbase by using cross compiler instead of bitbake

Question asked by tsung li wang on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Joan Xie

Hi Community,

I'm working on Yocto Project 2.0.

Recently, I build qtbase by below command.

bitbake qtbase

After this command was executed, it would generate source code and some other files under "build-wayland-q/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-mx6qdl-poky-linux-gnueabi/".

Here is the condition occurred.

I tried to modify the source code and want to build it.

However I do not know how to build it.

bitbake command will catch original patch and build it but I need to build the new source code that I had modified.


How can I build it?


Could I use qmake or cross compiler?


Thanks in Advanced!