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Is the CMSIS LPC17xx generic for all LPC17xx series microcontrollers?

Question asked by Jeroen van Vliet on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Kerry Zhou



I am migrating a project from an NXP LPC1758 microcontroller to an NXP LPC1788 microcontroller. The original LPC1758 software makes use of the CMSIS LPC17xx software. As the name indicates, this code should be generic for all microcontrollers in the LPC17 series, hence it should be the same for the NXP LPC1758 and NXP LPC1788. However, the datasheet of the NXP LPC1758 shows in its memory map that for example the GPIO peripheral is mapped at location 0x2009 C000, while the NXP LPC1788 datasheet states that the GPIO peripheral is mapped at location 0x2009 8000. In the CMSIS LPC17xx.h header file, the GPIO peripheral is mapped at "0x2009C000UL", which is the location shown in the LPC1758 datasheet.


Since the memory map differs between the LPC1758 and the LPC1788, and the LPC17xx CMSIS code states the address for the LPC1758 microcontroller, is there different CMSIS software for the LPC1788 microcontroller? And if so, where could I find it?