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Buck Converter of very High Current rating in T1040RDB  

Question asked by Xaro Wubas on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by Xaro Wubas

I'm designing a board based on T1040 Processor. I'm using T1040RDB as a reference for designing the schematic. While analyzing power regulator for Core power supply, I came across an apparent discrepancy between T1040 datasheet and T1040RDB Design. In T1040RDB two IR3553 Buck converter are used in multi phase configuration. Each IR3553 is capable of providing up to 40A current, resulting in maximum 80A available to the processor. But the datasheet says that maximum power at max frequency for core supply is 10.06W. Hence the max current is 10.06A. So why are we using regulator capable of providing 80A when only 10A is needed? Is there any specific reason which I'm missing. Why can't we use regulator of 12A or 15A etc?