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OP TEE bring up in LS1012A

Question asked by Zhenchuan Chai on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Zhenchuan Chai


I am trying to bring up OP TEE in LS1012A FRWY, and have read through LSDK document and manual in 

OP-TEE  , however, these documents don't solve all the questions. Anyone have detailed steps how to bring up OP TEE ?


1) Do I have to enable secure boot to run OP TEE? 

2) From OP TEE.pdf , I learned that I need to generate a ppa.itb file by using

$ flex-builder -c ppa-optee -m ls1012afrwy

which generate  flexbuild/build/firmware/ppa/soc-ls1012/ppa.itb.

Then what? the document doesn't complete the puzzle. How do I use that file? Do I need to manually burn it in the Nor flash? and How?

3) I also learned I need to create a OPTEE-OS binary by using

$ flex-builder -c optee_os -m ls1012afrwy

which outputs the bin file to flexbuild/packages/apps/optee_os/out/arm-plat-ls/core/tee_ls1012afrwy.bin

Again, it is confusing how can I use that file, what is next step ?

4) In How to build Trusted Applications for the OP-TEE , I know I have to build client , test and OS to run the tests:

$ flex-builder -c optee_os  -a arm64

$ flex-builder -c optee_client  -a arm64

$ flex-builder -c optee_test  -a arm64

Again, then what? Manually copy or use flex-build to create a new SD image? 


Anyway, I couldn't solve these puzzles, is there any detailed instruction on how to bring up OP TEE in NXP board?


 Thanks in advance