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IMX28 SPI Problem

Question asked by Mustafa BAKIRCIOĞLU on Nov 21, 2018
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I have been working with TQMA28 ( IMX28 Processor ) board. I need to implement wilc1000 wifi module to the stater kit. But I have an issue about the SPI. The atwilc1000 wifi module is full duplex spi slave and IMX28 is working only half duplex spi master mode. I have read about this issue in that forum,but there are no solution about how to make the IMX28 SPI work as full duplex. I implemented wifi module device driver to the linux and then I tried it make it work, but wifi module have to speak with host with full duplex mode. So I need solution or recomendation about at kernel level programming or modification.  


I would be very greatful any recomendations and ideas. Besides that, If you have any linux kernel gpio-bitbanging example about the spi it would be helpful too.


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