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How to Read/Write eFuses in J-Link commander?

Question asked by Larry Li on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng


I’m using a J-Link to program a NXP MCIMXRT1052 chip, and need to program/blow some of its eFuse registers.

However, I've troubles even reading the eFuse registers, let along writing them, in J-Link Commander.


According to Table 5-9 in the MCIMXRT1052 datasheet, register at 0x420 should contain Unique ID of the chip. However, when I do a "mem 420,10" command in J-Link Commander, to read the content at the 0x420 address, it just returns a bunch of neatly count-up numbers, just like all other eFuse registers, which can't be right. (Please have a look at the attached screanshot below)


Have I just typed in a wrong address? or where else could have gone wrong?