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BeyondStudio Terminal Command not Functioning

Question asked by Malcolm Hand on Nov 20, 2018

I am running the JN-AN-1216 example on JN5169 USB Dongles (without any of the NXP expansion board) and I am trying send the form and steer command to the Coordinator, router and endDevice Dongles (Coordinator is on the left terminal window). In order to start and form the network, the steer and form command has to sent to the Coordinator. But the BeyondStudios IDE will not echo back the command or even respond to any of the commands, I've tried help, print, factory reset, nothing received an response from the Coordinator (or router). I'm sure its BeyondStudios because I have been able to get responses through third party Terminal windows but that's annoying to use because unless I time the connection perfectly with the end of the binary programming (of the USB dongle) I will not get any printouts (because the dongles startup emediatly after programming). So I'm 99% sure its beyondstudio or ecpilse, can anyone help me solve this?


Thanks in advance, Malcolm