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QN9080 ADC differential mode

Question asked by Wei-Min Hung on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

Hi all,

I am using qn908xcdk_driver_examples_adc_burst demo code for my development.

The demo code is a single-ended mode.

In my application, I want to get the ADC result by "differential mode".

Find from the UM11023 document (p418)

If I want to use the ADC input for differential mode, the following parameters I need to follow


Channel index : 2

Register bit : CH_SEL[2]

Positive input Vin+ : ADC4/PA08

Negative input Vin- : ADC5/PA09


So I changed the following parameters in code


In pin_mux.c

1. Add #define PIN9_IDX  9u for Negative input Vin-

2.  Add portA_pin9_config


I want to add a new pin 9 for doing differential mode

Is there any wrong for the changing ?

Or any else parameter need to change ?


Can someone help me ?

Or is there any sample code for QN9080 ADC differential mode ?