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MPC5746R pad types pad_isatww_st_hv vs. pad_pupd_hv

Question asked by James Murray on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by James Murray

Is there any document that explains what these pad types mean?

I've searched the Reference Manual and the Datasheet and the I/O spreadsheet. They all mention them, but I am not seeing an explanation of what they really mean.


e.g. the RM says:

"NOTE: Supported input levels vary according to pad types. Pad type "pad_sr_hv" supports only the
CMOS input level, while pad type "pad_isatww_st_hv" supports TTL and CMOS levels. Refer to
the attached IO spreadsheet for the pad type of each pin."


A web search just led me to the 5746R docs I already have.


Any ideas?