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j-flash & u-boot

Question asked by oleg scherbinin on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by oleg scherbinin

i am a newbie and my target is mcimx6sx-sdb ( 6soloX proc).
i have need to place u-boot in qspi flash by J-Flash (i have to use "j-link pluse" device only, i can not use mmc/sd or usb-hid) and run it.
i can see Flash bank 0(QSPI Flash sytarts from 0x70000000 and end at 0x73FFFFFF) and i can load a bin file (but not a imx file, error "Unsupported file type *imx").
I have seen but i do not understand sense of some things.
could you tell me correct way flashing u-boot image onQuadSPA and run it .